Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3.2 Changes

So I've been messing around in the game a lot recently. I started leveling a hunter and got him up to 40 when I realized that it would be much faster to level all my alts when the next patch came out and I was able to get epic ground mounts at 40 and flying at 60. Not to mention that there will be a new bind to account eveling piece giving an additional 10% experience. While that will be a great motivator when it goes live, right now it's more of a deterrent. Why should I spend time leveling an alt at a slower pace when I'm not really making a rush for endgame and it's just to see how different classes play at higher levels? Might as well just wait until the patch is released and then have an explosion of leveling activity.

In the mean time, I'm back to doing all my dailies with my eye on the prize of patch 3.2 and it's new rewards. With some good luck (and if I don't get burned out on them) I should have enough Argent Tournament badges to upgrade my squire when the time arrives as well have have enough jewel crafter tokens and titanium ore to prospect so I can start making some headway into the new realm of epic gem crafting. I just finished up the Midsummer Festival meta achievement on my DK (just two holidays to go for his proto drake) but I think I'll keep doing the midsummer torch dailies and try and get that pet you buy for 350 flowers. As obnoxious as torch catching is, I think I've finally got the hang of it (turn 180 degrees after catching and start running) so it doesn't take too long.

As someone who doesn't have a ton of time to play, I'm happy about the changes to the emblem system that will be releasing with 3.2. It's a lot easier to throw together a 5-man then to hope that a raid happens when it's scheduled, especially these days in my guild. Though things are improving for us, we still are having attendance problems. Being able to get gear upgrades outside of out regular raiding schedule means that the time we do get to raid will be of higher quality (hopefully) since we'll all be better geared.

I have read a lot of complaining about the upcoming changes to emblems and to mounts. While I understand the impulse to be upset that someone just starting the game won't ever have to walk all over Stranglethorn (remember those days?) while we who have been around a bit longer had to suffer through, I say, so what? Having a tougher time and having to wait longer and pay more is the price of being an early adopter. If you bought a cell phone anytime before the last 5 years, you know what I mean. My cell phone in college was bigger, cost a bunch more both to buy and to talk on, and had almost no features. Nowadays, you can get a phone for the price of your cell phone service (and a 2-year contract), it will take pictures/video, play games, etc . . . Does that mean I should expect a refund for all the money I spent on my old brick of a phone? Of course not. I would be insane to ask for such a thing. The money I paid wasn't so that I could finally talk from wherever I was 7 years from when I made my initial purchase, it was so I could do that right then. The same goes for when I did the Shatari Skyguard dailies every day for 2 months to buy epic flight for my warlock. If I have known that, if I only waited a year, I could save 1,000g, would I have continued to ride around on my 60% flyer? No. Absolutely not. It was worth 5,000g to be able to fly that fast.

So it costs less to buy epic flight for an alt or to gear out that same alt using only heroics. I'm cool with it. I have a lot of alts.

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