Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pirate101: New Content is Up!

With last night's maintenance, the new content has been released!  I played right up until the servers went down (1 AM my time) trying to finish my Nautical XP goals . . . and did, more or less.  Thankfully, when I started fighting the Jade ships, I was quickly joined by 3 other Marleybone Heavy Galleons, presumably trying to get those last few Nautical levels before diving into the new content.  Since I have to sleep sometime (and work the rest of the time) I wasn't able to check much out this morning when I logged in.  Basically, I was able to get the new quest from Avery, the checked out the Bazaar on my way to the docks to see what that's like.

The Bazaar is a welcome addition to the game, for sure.  This is one that affects all players whether you're on your way to Marleybone or are a fresh faced person o' fortune just walking out of Avery's office, blinking in the bright Skull Island sun.  The Bazaar essentially solves one of the biggest issues many folks had with the early game: not enough gold.  Now, you can get roughly twice what the vendors will pay for any given item.  Since the fastest way to grind gold is ship battles and the equipment that will be the most sought after is ship equipment, I imagine that portion of the Bazaar will be the busiest and the most lucrative/helpful.  I was able to sell most of the extra ship equipment I had on had for roughly 2-3 times what a vendor would have paid for it, so I was getting 1,700-2,500g per piece as opposed to 500-900g: a significant increase.

That was all I had time for, but I'll start updating my blog again now that there is something to talk about!  Stay tuned!

Also, be sure to check out the discussion that Brandon and I will have about the new content on Talkin' the Plank.  The new episode will post tomorrow at and also

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