Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Review: Transcripts From the Other Side by David Kutai Weiss

Here is another book I read this week.  The Amazon description was what got me.  It sounded interesting and the book was free, so I bit the hook.

What I Thought
Transcripts From the Other Side by David Kutai Weiss is a very short story (I think I read the whole thing in about 20-30min) and is the first part of a planned trilogy (only the second has been published as I write this).  It chronicles the journey of Bill who has just died and now will finally find out what awaits him in the after life.  There are a few clever things in the story, but this feels more like a draft than a finished work.  Aside from some grammar issues, the pace of the story is almost too quick.  Every interaction that Bill has as he discovers more and more about the after life is just too short to be satisfying.  Also, some of the ideas are just plain silly and (minor spoiler ahead) is anyone else tired of being told that dogs are really the most important species on earth?  That joke wasn't funny to me the first time I heard it.

Should You Read It?
Well, it's free, so it has that going for it. It's also short so if you don't like it, you don't have to dislike it for long.  I wouldn't say that reading it was a waste of time, but I don't think I'll read the next book.  This has potential as an outline for a longer, better paced story.  As is, you could do worse but there are better books in the free category.

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