Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Should WoW Be Two Different Games?

I wanted to take a few posts to discuss a topic that captured my interest ever since my favorite MMO blogger Tobold first mentioned it a while back: Should WoW be two separate (but equal?) games?

The logic behind this thought is that from level 1-85 (current WoW max level if you didn't know . . .and if you didn't know that, how did you find this blog?) there is very little grouping. If you know what you're doing, you can go on dungeon runs, but basically, you don't start spelunking in earnest until you reach max level at which point the focus of the game switches from questing by yourself, for the most part, to nothing but dungeons and daily quests. Progress in the game switches from getting experience points and the next level of power to getting better gear, which is the same concept presented differently.

So, should Blizzard create a game that is just leveling and exploring with friends and another that focuses on team dungeons and raiding (and perhaps a third game focusing on PvP)? I think they should. The idea of cramming as many different features into a game is great but if you focus on one type of play, you can expand horizontally, adding more features that are directly related.

Now, I have put together some ideas (some concepts that I have read online mixed with my own thoughts and tweaks) and I will post them in the weeks to follow. I'm planning three posts (more if they get too long and have to be split), each dedicated to a leveling MMO, a raiding MMO and a PvP MMO (why not?). Some of what I will go over was discussed on the lost PowWoW podcast I recorded. Hopefully it will be discussed there in the future, but in case it doesn't, I wanted to get these ideas down before they are lost forever! This is important stuff people! Enjoy!

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