Friday, April 26, 2013

Pirate101: New Screenshots Announce Bold New Worlds

So, based on the now complete screen shots:

I think we can safely say that the two new worlds to be released in the next Pirate101 expansion will be Marleybone and Aquila.  As I mentioned in this week's episode of Talkin' the Plank, this makes sense to add these two worlds since they were both on the pillars of the Valencia library.  I (and just about everyone else) figured the next world would be Marleybone, since there were existing stormgates and the story was very obviously heading that way, but I am gladdened to see that Aquila will also be on the charts.  Mentioning it and then never taking us there would have been a cruel trick indeed!

This, to me seems like a good balance of updated old (Marleybone is the 2nd place you go in Wizard101) and the new (to my knowledge, Wizards have never traveled to Aquila in game).  Just getting Marleybone would have been fine, of course, but this way Pirates don't have to feel like they're just getting the HD version of a game many of them have already played.

I'm excited to see what the clever writing staff have in store for us and look forward to seeing these scenic vistas in person (so to speak).

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