Thursday, April 25, 2013

What? A New Post? Something must be happening!!! (UPDATED)

Pirate101 Fansites are being sent tantalizing snippets of art for "new content" and this will be the first glimpse of said new content outside of KingsIsle's offices.  That being said, here is what Talkin' the Plank was sent to share with you all:

Now, there will be more to come and I will post them as I receive them.  Also, the fansites will starting linking with each other so we can figure out exactly what's going on in the images once they are all put together.  Stay tuned for further analysis!

Update: Got more pieces from Pieces of Eight Radio, Around the Spiral, A Pirates PortalPaige MoonshadeDitto MonsterAmbrose2Zeke as well as pics from @Pirate101 and have (poorly) pieced them together:
Here's the real one:


  1. Can you release your two pieces in their original form instead of joined together in one image?