Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pirate101: Thoughts on the upcoming expansion

Level 65, here I come!  We're getting lot's of confirmations very quickly with the promise of "more to come" . . . "soon".  I have to say I'm excited.  All the screen shots look fantastic, including a new upgrade for Bonnie Anne.

While I think Marleybone will be a great addition to the game, at this point, I'm much more looking forward to Aquila: the Greco-Roman theme, the mythical creatures . . . yes I know that every expansion is going to be called "epic" by the studio that is marketing it, but from the description, that may in fact be the case literally, since the Greeks invented the Epic to begin with!

We have promises of tangles with two more of the Elite Clockworks, Catbeard will make a showing in Marleybone at least . . . all very exciting stuff.

From the text, it seems as though this will all show up on the test realm pretty soon, and go live pretty soon, but tough to tell.  If past updates tell us anything, KI won't drag their feet once an announcement is made.  If you have anything to wrap up in the mean time, I suggest you get to it!  You don't want to be the last one to Marleybone!

More info when I get it.  Until then, enjoy the screen shots and look forward to the adventures in store for us.

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