Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pirate101: Downtime Means Podcast Almost Ready

I have mentioned before that I have limited playtime.  That time usually happens between 11pm and 2am.  Last night, that put me right in the middle of some scheduled downtime that I didn't know about.  I logged out to take care of some chores and when I tried to log back in, I got the dreaded servers down for maintenance message that is the bane of any online game player.  This is where the biggest advantage of single player games really shines: the world on that SNES cartridge will never go away for a few hours when you were hoping to play.  That is quickly followed by the the advantage of online games: the world on that SNES cartridge will never change and you will never meet anyone there.  So I guess it's a toss up.  I love online games but hate not being able to play them sometimes.

Anyway, since I had a few hours to sit there and not sleep, I was able to get most of the editing to the Pirate 101 podcast I'm working on done.  When I do post it in the next day or so, I'll leave a link here so that anyone interested can find it.  I'll go over news about the game, strategies and general thoughts and suggestions.  I also plan on submitting the podcast to KingsIsle to see if I can get it added to their official list of fan podcasts.  We'll see.

So, just a little bit of production value to add before that goes live (I have to re-record the accordion music as I wasn't happy with what I got).

Two thoughts on the bit of game I did get to play last night:
1. I should have been doing more ship battles!  The main storyline requires me to attack certain ships that are much higher than my nautical level, so I end up being boarded and having to duke it out.  It's nice that this alternative exists so that if you don't like ship battles, you can just play a defensive hand-to-hand combat, but shooting a ship out of the sky is much faster if you just need 5 pieces of silk from the dogmen, or whatever, and I enjoy the ship battles.  I'll have to go back to an area where I can farm weaker ships for a while.
2. STORY SPOILER AHEAD!!!  I did the Ratbeard promotion quest and was impressed that they brought back the fact that he poisoned his crew to take their share of the treasure.  The fact that the ghosts are mad at you for now teaming up with him when you promised to help them brought a neat layer of depth that I wasn't expecting (honestly, I had forgotten about his old crew altogether).  Good work, KI!

See you in the Skyway!

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