Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pirate101: First major story completed

I had a great experience playing through and completing the Captain Gunn's Treasure quest line last night.  I had been doing all of the side quests as they came up, but last night I decided to finally focus and get the main story completed, then go back and continue working on all the other quests.  It was a blast!  The quest line was very engaging and, especially near the end, I found that I was becoming quite involved.  There were even a few twists that I didn't see coming as far as new crew members (I hadn't read ahead and I won't spoil it for you haven't gone through that yet.

Specifically, though, I enjoyed the last portion of the quest where you go to the top of the volcano above the Waponi village.  Another player happened to be running it at the same time, so we teamed up for the trek to the summit.  This was the first time in maybe 10-15 hours of play that I have actually talked to someone in the game.  Weird, right?  I broke the ice with an observation of how funny the faces of the lava carp were when they were about to be critically hit, and we struck up a limited conversation.  It was a very pleasant experience.  I much prefer going along with someone to having someone randomly show up when your battle is almost completed.

A few additional thoughts from last night's play session: combat is starting to become a bit more interesting now that I have a healing spell for my buccaneer and a few more power ups.  Also, it was fun to do the first promotion quest for a companion, Bonnie Anne, though I did forget to go in and assign her new talents before I did the Witch Doctor fight.  That might have been a tad easier if I had.

Speaking of that fight, I would add a tip here for anyone who is new to the game: make sure you check the win conditions of the battle!  In the Witch Doctor fight, you only have to defeat the Witch Doctor, which is good because he keeps summoning minions after battle begins and you can get overwhelmed if you aren't careful.  Often times when the condition is to defeat only the boss, try to focus fire him, when possible, only taking out minions if you can't reach the boss.

All in all, still very pleased with the game.  I haven't had the need to spend any more crowns (as I said before, I've bought a very fast mount, 3k gold, a Tropical Skysnake pet and have a subscription), so that's good.  I would say that with all I've spent it's about the equivalent of $15USD and I think I have certainly gotten my money's worth.  If I were to remove anything from that list, it would be the mount.  It's merely an item of convenience and doesn't have as much bearing on the game play for the price as having at least one pet does or opening all the zones with a subscription.  I may not have needed to buy the gold, but it wasn't too expensive and it made me now have to grind out money to buy new armor at a time when funds were very low.  Subsequent play throughs of the game should require anything but maybe a pet purchase.  We'll see!

Until next time, stay afloat!

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