Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pirate101 Subclass: Spending Practice Points

As I mentioned on this blog, I play a buccaneer in Pirate 101.  As soon as I got my first Practice point (the points that allow you to train abilities from other class trainers on your pirate, the first being awarded at level 8), I ran to the Privateer trainer and immediately got the ability to heal myself.  This seemed like a good idea at the time, but after a while, I started to wonder if, perhaps, there might be a better option.  I decided to see what I could find out, as I haven't read much discussion on this particular topic. 

After having looked at all 4 other classes and what abilities I could get with my 4 ability points (2 from leveling up and 2 from completing Prospector Zeke quests), I bought the first 4 abilities from the Witchdoctor class trainer (besides bonus to Staffy weapons).  The thought process was that I could turn what was essentially a paladin (healing tank) into a dark/death knight (black magic/poison tank).  Now, I'm only level 15 (going on 16), but this seems to work a lot better.  The Privateer ability that I had been using the most, an multi-target bomb drop, was replaced by a multi-target magic spell, the healing ability was replaced by a drain-style self heal, and the buffs I never used were replaced by direct damage spells and a debuff.  For my play style and level, this seems to be working out a lot better.  What I always hated about the healing spell was that it didn't heal for a whole lot, since as a buccaneer I don't have very high Will, and I didn't like wasting a turn with one of my heavy hitters in order to heal a companion.  This way, I can just heal myself while doing damage and the battle is over faster, so I don't take as much damage anyway.

It may be different at higher levels, but I don't see any downside to using the Witchdoctor skills.  Also, I couldn't see much advantage in subbing swashbuckler or musketeer.  If anyone has any compelling reason or awesome strategy that involves Bucc/Musk or Bucc/Swash, let me know!


  1. extra accuracy, or extra dodge, a few bonus hit abilities along the way

    1. So do you just pick and choose from each trainer? I got in the mindset that I should focus all of them to get as many abilities as I could from 1 other class. Maybe my other MMO experience is tainting my opinions!

    2. Someone was very helpful and put all the "sequences" together on how to train different cross-class abilities.

      So for the example of getting two dodgy abilities from swashbuckler, you would get the stabby weapons, fast, and rough abilities (two of each of those). That's probably a lot for dodge, but all of those abilities would complement a melee style buccaneer.

      Conversely, the magic you've learned gives you more versatility.

      The accuracy isn't exactly clear from that sequence guide, however.

    3. As I'm in the game right now, I'm looking over the buccaneer abilities, and it looks like you already have dodgy and accurate in your class list.

      I guess if you wanted rough (extra damage) and fast, that might be worth the synergy for combat. But that looks to be a lot of other abilities just to pick up a little extra damage.

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