Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So last started out as an exercise in frustration for me but ended as a triumph. I have limited time in which to raid every week where as my guild (who seems to be largely unemployed or living on the east coast or both) raids all the time when I'm not around. Tuesday and Thursday nights are usually my time to take a shot at Naxx (which I have yet to complete on any character) and I was very much looking forward to another attempt.

When I logged in after work, the GM who was supposed to be setting up the raid was not on, so we waited for him. It turns out he was hanging out in vent and told me that he was waiting for the right people for 10-man Naxx group 2 to log in (of which I was to be a part). In the mean time, we set up a VoA 25-man run with some pugs and the two 10-man VoA's (the second of which took considerably longer than the first for whatever reason). Now and hour and a half has passed and Wintergrasp is open for business again so most of the people who would be raiding are trying to protect the fortress. I'm not a huge fan of PvP, so I decided to wait impatiently for them to finish while trying to get a straight answer to "Are we raiding tonight?" Finally, I got my answer: "No, it's too late to start." . . . . it was 6:45pm my time. Now my DK has wasted time I could have used to start all the Netherwing quests I got pulled away from on Monday (to wipe 3 times on 25-man Thaddeus) and was blocked from logging in to do on Tuesday morning by server maintenance. Grrrrr . . . .

Well, come to find out that Group 1 wants to get back in there and try to get the achievement for the Arachnid Quarter, Arachnophobia, which consists of killing the second 2 bosses within 20 minutes of killing the first boss. I didn't want to get my tank saved to a group that didn't need a tank, so I offered my warlock's services. After having gotten the group together, we started on the first spider boss and wiped 3 times (we were trying to 8 man it, but just didn't have the coordination). We got 2 more players and killed him and then ran to the next boss and downed her on the first attempt and ran to the final boss and downed her (him/it?) on the first try earning the achievement with 1 minute to spare. I ended up getting 2 much needed epics for my warlock as well as an achievement I hadn't even gotten on my Death Knight.

It's this sort of thing that makes me go crazy. When playing a game like World of Warcraft, you are forced, should you want to experience the game's best content, to rely on others. And, to be honest, since there is no real life consequences for them not showing up or adhering to the guild calendar (they won't be fired from WoW) people show up or don't. I understand why this happens, but it makes me want to throw things.

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