Monday, March 9, 2009

Shamanistic Diversions

In my quest to have a lvl 80 character of every profession, I started leveling my shaman again and I have to say the difference is jarring to go from Death Knight and Warlock to Shaman. The problem with casually playing a shaman is that not only do the two shaman trees (elemental and enhance for leveling purposes, I'd never even consider leveling as resto) have vastly different play styles, but a shaman, even with no talents at all, has a staggering amount of abilities. My poor un-modded user interface is completely overwhelmed. I realized that I hadn't played this particular character since the last content patch so I had to assign her talents out (I went with enhance since that was the gear I had) and re-add the abilities to the action bar, trying to remember where I'd carefully placed them back in October. By the time I got it all straightened out and could go complete some quests in the Bone Wastes (she was lvl 67) it was time for me to log out.

Another funny thing about coming back to a character you haven't played for a while is seeing holiday and event items that have long passed sitting in the inventory. I saw some stuff from last years Winter's Veil. But more surprising still, she had quests from the pre-wrath zombie event in her log that I didn't discover until the next day when I was cleaning it out for her trek to Borean Tundra (hit 68 late last night).

Well, soon I'll have my Shaman Scribe up to level 80 and that will make 4 professions covered (tailoring and enchanting on the warlock, jewelcrafting on the Death Knight, and inscription on the shaman) and leatherworking (lvl 70 Druid), engineering (lvl 34 Hunter), alchemy (lvl 27 Rogue) and blacksmithing (lvl 70 Warrior) to go. Ugh. Why was this a good idea again? . . . . oh yeah, I hate using trade channel.

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