Friday, March 13, 2009

/target Boss Drop RNG, /cast Curse of Agony

I would like to take a few moments to curse the random drop system in raids. I have a limited amount of time to run raid dungeons that usually falls on Tuesday nights, when my guild is starting to run Naxx. This means I have done the Arachnid Quarter (which they always start with for some reason) 20 times and have yet to see 2 of the three bosses in the plague quarter. It seems very rare in that time that I'll get a tanking drop for my Death Knight. He has pretty good gear but he needs a better cape, pants and shoulders. Last night was my first time taking my Warlock into Naxx. They brought me in for Maexxena and Patchwerk. No cloth drops off of either boss, but a tanking cape and tanking shoulders drop respectively. Now, I understand that the drops in this game are based on a random number generation system, but I am now firmly convinced that the game is mocking me. I mean, really, no cloth drops at all on the only two bosses I'm likely to see this week? And then to get two tanking drops on the only time so far I have not run it with my tank? *sigh*

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