Friday, March 6, 2009

Attention Death Knights! Get a Violet Proto Drake This Year!!

I just read on the latest version of the PTR that Brew of the Year (which takes 11 months to complete) is no longer required for the Meta Achievement "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been", the meta that awards a Violet Proto Drake Mount. This is great news for DK's who were still polishing Arthas' boots the last time that Brew of the Month was sending out membership applications.

I will admit to being somewhat of an achievement junkie (more a title junkie than anything else) and have already completed all the holiday achievements so far on my Death Knight main(Merrymaker, Elder, the Love Fool) and am glad that all my hard work will pay off when I can complete the final set of holiday achievements in Oct/Nov.

Here's hoping they leave this in when the patch goes live!

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