Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wow . . . Just, Wow . . .

So I've been trying to get my newly 80 Warlock through as many heroics as I can so that when my guild has an empty dps raid slot (and they don't need my DK to tank) I'll be ready. Anyways, I was pugging a run of H Nexus and realized that I was grouped with a hunter that used to be in my guild but, I believe, had been kicked out for low dps (it is a raiding progression guild, after all). Now, I had done a H UK run with this same Hunter a month ago and was baffled by his low dps. For a Hunter to be doing 800 dps on AoE trash pulls in a heroic is really unacceptable. Confused by his poor performance, I looked at his gear and saw that he had one dagger equipped. Just one. If you, by some chance, are not familiar with the hunter class, most of them use a two-handed weapon of some kind since they have such high agility, a stat hunters covet. They also have the ability to dual wield if they get better one-handers. This hunter only had 1 one handed weapon on a heroic run!! When asked why, he said that he was waiting to get something good for that slot. Fast forward a month. I am curious to see if his playing has improved at all having played the game some more and, most likely, run more heroics. Well, as it turns out, I'm sure he was dragged through most heroics. When our party leader asked this hunter why he didn't have his pet out he said, "Oh, I never use a pet in this instance." I have a feeling it was this bafflingly bad playing that got him booted from our guild. Bad dps you can fix. Stupid is a little tougher.

As with my experience a week ago with the dpsing DK tank, I started to question if WoW is really that complicated a game and, to a certain degree, I suppose it is. However, the trouble isn't inexperience, it's failing to gain any knowledge from a hobby that takes up a good portion of your time. I just don't understand that kind of mentality. Unless he bought his toon, he spent at least 10 full days (240 hours) leveling his hunter to 80. At what point in his time spent did he learn that you don't always have to equip something in every slot and that you don't use a pet in instances? Are he and I even playing the same game?

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