Monday, March 16, 2009

End Game Fun?

So I've decided to start working with my Death Knight again and getting some more obscure achievements and reputations up. I have mentioned in the past that I am a bit of an achievement junkie (Violet Proto Drake, here I come!) and there are some titles and mounts I'd like to get my frosty little paws on. For example, starting this afternoon, I'm going to be doing the Netherwing dailies. Until I saw the proto drakes, the netherwing flying mounts were the coolest in the game, bar none, and I'd like to see my Tauren Death Knight showing up everywhere on one of those bad boys. Also, every day I have time, I'll be attempting to do all the Sha'tari Skyguard dailies and slowly grind that one out. When I left off, I was at honored. If I get all those done, I'll grind Mag'har rep in Nagrand or start going back through the rest of the barrens and Undead starting areas for rep (I've already done the orc/troll and blood elf starting zones) so that I can grab all the racial mounts. When I'm done with all that, I'll start running the 3 original battle grounds for tokens so that I can get those mounts. This is gonna take me a while, I think.

As I ponder the vast amounts of time I'm about to dump into this endeavour, I wonder to myself if it is in fact worth it. Then I picture my toon riding his white drake through the skies of Northrend and I remember that it totally is. Man, I'm a sucker for this stupid game.

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  1. I myself have fallen into this trap on my Main but I am going in a different direction. My compulsion is triggered when I press the "k" button. I must see lines that go all the way across the window. All of my skills must be 400 or 450!!!!! I spent a great deal of time just north of Dalaran with level 7 dagger, 2-handed axe, 2 handed mace, staff, axe, and mace (I had already maxed out fist weapons) wailing away at the undead crusaders (because they can heal themselves so you can stand there all day and level skills). I am sooo close to getting my cooking and fishing up to 450 also it's just killing me inside. Side note: Why don't they have an achievement for maxing out all of your professions and weapon skills? You would think that would be a very awesome achievement with a title involved, like "Oldscratch of No Life" or "OCD Oldscratch" or "What's the point Oldscratch" or "Oldscratch get to better things in the game this will never actually do you any good." Something like that.