Friday, March 6, 2009

Why People Hate Death Knights

I was all ready to write about the state of the Warlock and what I'm looking forward to in patch 3.1. Then last night, while I was trying to finish leveling my lock (and after successfully main tanking Patchwerk on Heroic for the first time on my DK, yay!) I get a /w from a real life friend of mine who was working on gearing his second level 80, a hunter (his main is a resto druid. guess which one was more fun for him to level?) Anyway, he asked me to jump on my DK and tank H VH, which was the daily. If he wasn't a friend I wouldn't have. There's nothing my DK needs from badges that I can't live without and I was anxious to get that last level on my lock but, like a good RL friend, I switched toons and sat in Dalaran while he found a healer.

The instance starts and I'm pulling all the trash mobs, but I notice that they don't seem to be dying as quickly as I'm used to. I look at my dps meter and see that the other DK in our party who was dps'ing was doing about 800 dps on AoE trash pulls. I take a second and examine his gear: he has all tanking gear equipped. . . . okaaay. I ask him why he's wearing def gear in party chat. no response. I /w the same. No response. We wipe on the first boss because I forget you have to kite that particular guy (hey, it's been at least a month since I've done any heroics) and I take the opportunity to try and get a response from this guy. I ask him if he's there in party chat. I /poke him. He finally responds and says he's there. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Hey, how come you are wearing tanking gear?
Him: I was tanking in the last instance.
Me: Oh, well you're dps'ing now so why don't you put on dps gear.
Him: I don't have a dps set yet.
Me: (head explodes)

Really? He really just leveled all the way to 80 and decided it would be a good idea to dps a heroic in his tanking set? What's worse, his tanking gear included the Red Sword of Courage from H UP. This was not his first heroic. He must have know what he was doing at least a little bit. I guess I just don't understand the mindset of someone who would go into a group for an instance not only under geared, but geared for the wrong role entirely. I couldn't have been more flabbergasted.

Now, I'm not the kind that would boot someone from a party for under performing but sometimes there is just a lack of respect. He knew he wasn't going to be able to dps at the level the instance would require before we even started, yet he chose to hold us back anyway. I understand not having the best dps set and wanting to do a heroic run to gear up with stronger players, but there is absolutely no excuse for showing up in the wrong gear entirely. I would have been a lot less upset if he was in full greens (and he most likely would have done more damage in full dps greens) though I don't know how it's possible to level all the way to 80 and not get at least a few blues, whether from crafting or from quest chains. If he had not been in my friend's guild, I'd have kicked him after that first wipe. As it was, I tried not to freak out and, though we had a druid healer who had never done a WotLK heroic before (got the achievement for first Emblem of Heroism off the first boss) we somehow managed to complete the instance. And in a way, that was almost more satisfying that powering through it with a well geared group in 20 minutes. However, it's that kind of shenanigans that gets all DK's a bad name. As a person who thinks about this kind of stuff quite a bit and works hard in the game to make sure I have the best gear I can attain, it's frustrating to see someone leeching off of my hard work who can't be bothered to put forth a little effort.

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