Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pirate101: All classes, lvls 1-3, a comparison

I have made a pirate of every class: Cynical Lucy Andrews the Buccaneer [33], Dark Tatiana the Witchdoctor [6], Eccentric Todd the Musketeer [5], Silent Luke the Swashbuckler [4]and Glib Edward the Privateer [3].  The though being to try out every class and see how I like them and how they compare to each other.  My main focus will remain my Buccaneer, but, I think, eventually, I will level all 5 classes to lvl cap (unless there is one I really can't stand).

So, since they have all gotten to lvl 3 at least, I thought I would do a little comparison and see which was the best and which was the worst for the first few quests of the game.  This means I have taken all of them at least to the point where you fight the sharks for the first time after rescuing the frog from the cage (SPOILER ALERT!).

LVL 1-3

Best Class: Witchdoctor

This class left me feeling the most powerful, even at such a low level.  Swashbuckler would be a close second here, but the starting companion for WD pushes them over the top.  I just really like the look and feel of the goat student: how his eyes look whited out . . . just is really cool to me.  Musketeer wasn't bad here, but I could not really find a use for the initial talent which shoots in a straight line for 3 or 4 squares.  The enemies never seemed to line up that way, to my satisfaction, so I ended up not using it very much.

Worst Class: Buccaneer
Privateer was a close second (I haven't needed to cast healing even once, so that is a bit of a waste at this low level) and it could be that my view is hazy since Bucc was the first character I made, but things just seemed to take so much longer with the Buccaneer than with any other class.  Also, while I came to really like the Samoorai companion in later levels (especially after 1st promotion), I initially thought it just looked silly.  The Privateer's Crane student has a much better aesthetic.

Once they all reach lvl 6, I'll re-evaluate and post again and then every so often when they all reach a new high watermark.

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