Friday, November 30, 2012

Pirate101: New Pre-paid Cards Available

KingsIsle has just updated their website with a new list of all the different pre-paid game time cards that are now available.  In addition to the bundles we already new about, the following new pets are available on various cards:

Seaweed Spirit Pet (like an Ebon Spectre, from Best Buy $20 card)
Rouged Puffer (puffer fish pet, from CVS $20 card)
Durango Buffaloon (brown buffaloon, from Speedway $20 card)
Emerald Budgie (green bird, as the name suggests, from Target $20 card)
North Win Lion (oriental lion pet, from Toys R Us $10 card)
Golden Sky Rattler (brown skysnake, from Toys R Us $20 card)
Dreamy Blue Turtle (looks like the turtles that fly around in Mooshu, from Walmart $10 card)
Vermillion Dragon (oriental pink/purple dragon, from Walmart $20 card)

If I were to pick just one of these pets to get, it would be the turtle, as I am partial to turtles (it's the symbol on my Buck's sail, anyway), but runner up would be a three way tie between the dragon, lion and puffer.  I suppose I'll have to see them in action before I make that call.

Also, there is another big announcement coming from KingsIsle later today.   As soon as I can, I'll post it here!

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