Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pirate101: Ninja Pig Update & Funny Ship Names

That's to JSpiral on the Pirate 101 Forums, I now have a ninja pig!  Thanks again, J!

I had a chance to try out my pig-gitsu (ninjit-suey?) expert last night.  He showed up as lvl 34, so was ready for promotion which cost me 1,700g, but was immediate unlike some other companions whose quests I'm currently stuck in the middle of (Ratbeard and Bonnie Anne, I'm looking at you.  Any corner of the map you're not planning on sending me to?  Sheesh!)  Anyway, as everyone has reported, he is awesome and has moved to the top of my companions list.

Short post today since I have to actually work before the 4 day weekend, but I wanted to drop a quick line about naming ships you purchase for gold in game.  I have bought 3 ships and after the first one, have always tried to pick the funniest combination of the two available word categories.  I may have already maxed out on my third ship as I don't think I can do any better than "Oaken Surprise".  Anyone else come up with any good ones?

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