Friday, November 16, 2012

Pirate101: Buccaneer subclass revisited

As I posted previously, I had decided to use the Witchdoctor talents as the first subclass for my Buccaneer and, after having used this for a while, am starting to reconsider this course of action.  While it's neat to have the ranged abilities, they don't hit as hard as I would like.  This makes sense since I don't really have anything that would boost them other than a few talents from the Witchdoctor tree.  Also, I had thought the added resistance would be useful, but there doesn't seem to be as much magic damage in the game as there is physical damage.  There are gun attacks that are technically magic damage, but using dodge seems to be the most powerful avoidance/mitigation stat, since you can dodge everything but abilities and most of the damage (at least at this point in the game) is physical or ranged.

Therefore, I will be switching my subclass from Witchdoctor to Swashbuckler this evening.  I'd like to get me some of that sweet, sweet dodge and I think it will be a better match for both damage dealing and mitigation to mix melee types rather than range types.  I wish that Witchdoctor was a better alternative, but it just doesn't seem that this is the case.  And as much as I like the idea of playing as a death/dark knight pirate, I like the idea of my Pirate being able to progress through the game quickly even more.

Tune in next week when I discuss how my new subclass is working out!

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