Monday, November 5, 2012

Pirate101 Breaking News!! Test Realm Updates Announced

I just saw that the One-Eyed Jack on the Pirate 101 message board posted a link to the latest test realm proposed changes!  You can view them here.  My thought on the changes are in blue.


  • Adjusted the hit points of both monsters and companions in the higher levels. No complaints here.
  • Increased running speed of many units in combat to decrease waiting time.  Anything that makes combat go a little faster is fine with me.  Combat dragging a bit is one of the only major complaints I have with the game.
  • Corrected how players join in combat when teleporting to a friend already in combat on a ship.  Hadn't run across any issues with this myself, as I don't have a very substantial friend list yet, but it sounds positive.
  • Fixed a few buff spells that will increase the chance for causing a critical hit (Shadowdance and Grand Shadowdance for Swashbucklers and Discipline for Privateers). 
  • Changed the rules for late arrivals to combat! The goal was to make players joining a multiplayer combat less painful for the person already in combat.
    • Combat occurs as it would normally if a player arrives in combat on the first round. Players will appear on the left side of screen with their companions and multiple creatures will appear on the right side as expected.
    • After round 1 the following new rules apply:
      • Late arriving players appear alone with no companions.
      • Late arriving players appear on the enemy side of the combat.
      • Only one new enemy per late arriving player will be added to the battleboard.
      • The new enemy will be located near the late arriving player.
      • The new enemy will begin the combat with focused attention on the late arriving player.
This is a huge deal!  This issue has been bandied about the forums since the game went live (and probably even before that), but one of the most annoying things that can happen is someone joining combat with you when you're about to win/close to death and making the situation worse because they bring 3 new mobs with them at full health.  This fixes that situation to an even better degree than I could have hoped.  I would still like to see an SOS button added, but with this change, see no need for a DND button.  Awesome.


  • Adjusted the “Miner Difficulties” quest to require the correct quests be completed before it becomes available.
  • Fixed the quest “If I was a Rich Rooster” so the Buffaloons now correctly drop their hides.
  • Removed White buffaloons from Cooper’s Roost Skyway so they are now only found in the Big Sky Skyway.
  • Further adjusted the drop rate of White Buffaloon meat for the quest “Hungry Like the Wolf,” and made changes to the difficulty of defeating the associated buffaloons.
  • Fixed the missing sigil for the “Zhayu Keepers” quest.
  • Fixed the quest “The Things They Parried” so it can no longer be broken by exiting the room before completing the combat.
  • Ensured Tonka now appears where expected during the quest “True Love Triumphs.”
  • Fixed the faction issue that was causing players to be incorrectly blocked from fighting Archer for the quest “The Mooshu Falcon.” Players will now be able to engage Archer even if they are friendly with the Scurvy Dog faction.
  • Ensured Captain Raleigh will properly spawn for the quest “The Fourth Card.”
All bug fixes and adjusting the drop rates.  No issues here.  All nice corrective changes.


  • Set the pet renaming costs to 500 gold.
  • Fixed several gold farming exploits. Wish I'd know what the old ones were :-)
  • Changed the Goronado companion so he will now promote correctly.
  • Expired rental mounts will now be properly removed from players’ inventories.
  • Made multiple crash/stability fixes to improve gameplay.
  • Created a new gift icon which will appear next to the health globe when a player has a gift awaiting redemption.  I wonder if this means they will be adding player to player gifting from the crown shop soon.  Could be indicative of that.
  • Made minor adjustments to some spelling in game and corrected a few incorrect voiceovers.
  • Adjusted the size of some larger companions so they now appear smaller when following the player in the world, which corrects a few camera issues. These units will be full-sized in combat.  Never had an issue with this, but then again, I run around with my pet out.
  • Raised the number of players that can visit a house at one time.

All in all, sounds good to me.  I tend to be positive about changes to MMO's in general since I know the dev's are trying to improve our experience.  All MMO's are works in progress and if the community playing the game can continue a constructive feedback cycle, the game will only get better!  Thanks, KingsIsle!

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