Monday, November 26, 2012

Pirate101: Pet drops I can confirm UPDATED

UPDATE!  I have realized since I wrote this that the Jackalope pet is not a drop but rather the reward for earning a badge at the end of Cool Ranch.  Guess I'm not so lucky after all!

I all my playtime, I had never actually seen a pet drop in the game.  Then, over Thanksgiving weekend, I got two pet drops!

The first was on my now level 10 Witchdoctor.  She got the Chameleon pet from the Chumbawumba encounter.

The second came at the conclusion of the Captain Blood fight.  And, seriously, I'm glad I got something because that instance is way to long!  When you go to enter it, you get the regular warning saying about how long they expect you to take and that one says 2 hours.  I really hope there aren't any more like that later in the game.  We'll see!  Anyhow, the last boss dropped a Jackalope that I didn't even notice until the next day since it was so late and I had just stayed up long enough finish that insanely long instance (it ended up taking me about an hour and a half).  I was sorting through my inventory and noticed the little Jackalope sitting there.  He immediately replaced my poor Skysnake who's been my pet since level 2 or so on my Buccaneer.  About time for a change, I'd say.

My Buccaneer is now level 40 and heading into Mooshu.  Hopefully, more fun drops await!

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