Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pirate101: Tomorow is the last day for free gold!

Don't forget to enter the code.   I decided to give the gold to my Witchdoctor who was lvl 6 at the time.  The plan was, I'd level her up first, then whenever she reaches a landmark level, I'll pass all her applicable gear, ship items, eye patch and whatever else I have to the next pirate and so on and so forth until the last one is as geared out as possible right from the start.  She's level 10 now, so everything got passed on to my Musketeer so he won't have to buy much except for a few pieces of gear before he reaches level 10 himself.  When that happens, my guide to the Presidio should be ready!

Enjoy the last day of the long weekend, everyone who doesn't work retail!

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