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Pirate101: When do my companions get a promotion?

UPDATED! 1/28/13

"When do my companions get a promotion?" is a common question and the best guides I could find were here and here.  That being said, I have decided to condense that list into what I hope will become a comprehensive guide to companion promotion.  This is a very specific list, so I'll only include very basic details.  As more info is released, I will add and keep this updated.  Until then, if you know anything that is missing or incorrect, let me know if the comments or send me an email at  Sidenote: my spell checker went berserk when I ran this list through it!

Also, it seems some of the companions have several different names, so you can look for them by companion type.  If I realize which they are, I'll switch it from whatever name I wrote down to the generic one for ease of use.  If you know of any that are like this, let me know!

Key:  Companion Name (Companion Type) [level they get a promotion]

Barnabus (Sloth Guardsman) [15 & 37]

Bat Masterson [none]

Batacuda [none]

Billy the Kid (Billygoat Gunslinger) [none]

Birgus Latro (Crab Thug) [21 & 47]

Bison Scout [32]

Bison Shaman [32]

Black Storm Shaman [32]

Bones McGee (Skeletal Corsair) [22 & 39]

Bonnie Anne (Fox Musketeer, Fox Sharpshooter, Fox Sniper) [8 & 31]

Bosun Budd [none]

Buffalo Bill (Bison Lawman) [none]

Cat Pirate [20]

Caracticus (Crab Thug) [15? & 38?]

Chicken Miner [none]

Chicken Ranger [35]

Chilam Bak [24 & 44]

Corporal Sanders (Chicken Soldier) [none]

Crab Hermit [none]

Crazy Monquistador [none]

Cutthroat [17 & 36]

Dan Drake [none]

Dead Mike (Undead Pirate) [21 & 47]

Doctor Noh [none]

Duck Holliday [none]

Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah (Troggy High Chief) [18 & 35]

Egg Shen (Goose Student) [13 & 46]

El Toro (Masked Hero) [40]

Emmett (Otter Ensign, Otter Lieutenant) [15 & 37]

Eric Jolly (Chicken Pugilist) [none]

Exeter (Otter Ensign) [17 & 36]

Fin Dorsal (Cutthroat Pirate) [27]

Froggo Villa (Salamander Backstabber) [none]

Gaspard de Vole (Guinea Pig Guard) [21 & 47]

Gerard (Sloth Guardsman) [17 & 36]

Ghost Singer [32]

Giacomo Rossi (Unicorn Duelist)

Giordano Bravo (Guinea Pig Guard)

Goronado [30]

Handsome Dan (Bulldog Officer) [17 & 36]

Helephant [46]

Hidenari Kuga (Samoorai Archer) [none]

Horse Crossbowman [none]

Iago [38 & 50] 

Inoshishi Chief [none]

Inoshishi Necromancer [none]

Itzen Kaan [24 & 44]

Jane Canary [none]

Jim Masterson [none]

Ju Hao [none]

Kan Po (Goat Disciple, Goat Student) [13 & 46]

Kawil Doomclaw [24 & 44]

Keisuke Yagi (Goat Student) [14 & 38]

Kobe Yojimbo (Bull Ronin) [13 & 46]

Lefty (Crane Rifleman) [34]

Lemba Moonskull [24 & 44]

Lost Ranger (Skeletal Cowboy) [none]

Louis le Bisque (Crab Harpooner , Crab Gunner) [15 & 37]

Lucky Jack Russell (Dog Pirate, Dog Privateer) [21 & 47]

Lucy Sterling (Mouse Fencer) [17 & 36]

Madclaw (Bloodbat) [none]

Malik (Rat Brigand) [ ? ]

Martin Valvida (Undead Monquistador) [32]

Masamune Goto (Samoorai Bushi) [none]

Milo Greytail (Rat Brigand, Rat Rapscallion) [21 & 47]

Monkey King [none]

Monquisitor [30]

Monquistador Crossbowman [30]

Monquistador Explorer [30]

Monterey Jack [none]

Moresco de Valvida (Flying Monquistador) [32]

Mormo (Water Mole Witch Doctor) [15 & 37]

Mustang Gaucho [none]

Mustang Rowdy [none]

Mustang Sally (Mustang Fencer) [none]

Nadya (Mustang Gypsy) [none]

Nanu Nanu (Water Mole Spearman) [30]

Nikeeta [none]

Ninja Pig [17 & 35]

Nurse Quinn (Medicine Chicken) [none]

Oingo Boingo (Water Mole Sumo) [30]

Old Scratch (Undead Witchdoctor, Undead Bokor, Undead Houngan) [24 & 34]

Pepe deTorteau (Crab Harpooner) [17 & 36]

Pig Raider Crossbowman [none]

Rain Watcher (Spirit Chief) [36]

Ratbeard (Rat Commander, Rat Officer) [10 & 28]

Ridolfo Capoferro (Unicorn Duelist) [27, 38 & 50]

Romba (Water Mole Spearman) [27 & 37]

Rooster Cogburn (Chicken Lawman) [none]

S. M. Arson (Undead Pirate)

Samoori Musketeer [none]

Sarah Steele (Mouse Swashbuckler, Mouse Fencer , Mouse Corsair) [15 & 37]

Scorpius (Scorpion) [none]

Sergent Shepherd (Dog Pirate)

Shiruku Neko (Cat Ninja) [none]

Skyfire (Bison Hunter Spirit) [35]

Sky Snake (Sky Snake) [none]

Stormy Sky [none]

Subodai (Horse Barbarian, Horse Warrior) [13 & 46]

Taro Moomori (Samoori Champion) [none]

Temujin (Horse Barbarian) [14 & 38]

Thunder Hoof (Bison Champion) [none]

Tonka [40]

Toreador Novillero (Mustang Toreador) [36]

Tricky Vinny (Frog Pirate) [30]

Tso Po [46]

Tyson  (Chicken Boxer) [40]

Uga Buga (Water Mole Witch Doctor) [17 & 36]

Wagyu Sanjuro (Bull Ronin) [14 & 38]

Water Mole Slingman [none]

Weasel Gambler [none]

Wild Bill Peacock [none]

Wing Chun (Crane Student, Crane Disciple) [13 & 46]

Wu Tang (Crane Student, Crane Disciple) [14 & 38]

Yakooza [45]

Yule Trogg [none]

Zang Cha (Goose Student) [14 & 38]


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  3. my tricky vinnie promotes at lvl 29

  4. wow, thanks
    this must have taken a long time to do

  5. I did notice a couple of errors in some spots.

    If you are looking for more information on promotions you can look here which I think should be able to help out your guide.

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    1. we get it you like the website. Now SHUTUP!!!!!

  7. Ratbeard turns into a captain not a commander

  8. Fyi: Romba does not promote at 50 just 27 and 37.

  9. Do you know what lvl egg lung gets promoted?

  10. But I agree really helpful πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  11. Thanks a lot for the guide, though I am very dissapointed Froggo does not get a promotion... Aw well can't win them all

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  13. I just want to make a correction that Sarah Steele is a fencer then I think she becomes a swashbuckler then I think a corsair.

    1. your absolutely right I know im a swashy and she is my best unit

    2. Yes Sarah Steele starts as a fencer and then becomes a swashbuckler then a corsair at level 37

  14. What level does mustang toreador get promoted at?

  15. on sarah steele it goes fencer then swashbuckler

  16. privateer with milo greytail(rat brigand) does he end up as a rat scoundrel. Beau Kidd(Level 15 Privateer)

  17. nice, but the sad thing is all my stuff finnaly promotes at the 40+ area :(

  18. Does Milo GRaytial get promoted to rat raspacillion

  19. Does S.M. Arson get promoted, if so, does anyone know when?

  20. black storm shaman doesn't promote at 32 mine is there now and hasn't promoted yet

  21. lucy sterling doesn't promote at 36

  22. Thanks this helped me a lot. i'm disappointed to hear thunder hoof and hetu hopo (water mole slingman) don't promote.

  23. also i have done both bonnie anne promotions

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