Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pirate101: Level 50 at last! What now?

I finally got to level 50 last night when completing the Monkey King questline.  40 to 50 went a lot faster that 20 to 30, or at least it felt as though it did.  Maybe I'm just better at the game now than I was!

Now, I'll try and go back to finish all of the side quests I skipped and get all of my companions up to at least lvl 48.  Also, I'll be taking my 5th character through the Presidio, and will have my guide for lvls 5-8 very soon, followed by 8-10.  After that, we'll see how much further I can go with leveling 4 characters concurrently!

Lastly, I bought my very first crown companion last night: the Inoshishi Necromancer.  My lineup was pitifully short of Witchdoctors (only Oldscratch) and he was less than 3,000 crowns.  I may also buy Doctor Noh since, again, short on Witchdoctors and I like the look of him.  Also, he has some sweet abilities . . . I just sold myself on him.  I'll buy him tonight!


  1. Kad: hey thanks for the bolg - I just got into P101 and this is both fun and helpful. One question (if you dont mind): when you buy a Companion from the Crown Shop, is it locked to one character or, like Pets, swapable between characters on the same account. (I think locked, given the gameplay, but wanted to make certain.)

    1. Locked to one character. As far as I know there are only a few crown shop items that work this way: houses, crew members, ships (unfortunately) and some ship parts are all non-transferrable. Also, you can't send gold to another character on the same account. Everything else like pets, gear and mounts can all be moved between character. Also, any ship parts you find in game can be transferred. Thanks for reading!

    2. Thanks for the quick answer. I just knocked out a pod-cast. Good work, keep em comin'