Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pirate101: Bonnie Anne Finally Replaced!

It finally happened.  I finally replaced Bonnie Anne as first mate for my Buccaneer.  You had a good run, Bonnie, but you just aren't the most powerful anymore.  Kobe Yojimbo has that title.  With First Strike, Relentless and Riposte, he's just so much more useful, even against ranged opponents.

I made the switch last night as I started to go up against the Elemental bosses on the giant turtle when I realized that if I selected Kobe, Monkey King and El Toro, I wouldn't have to worry about losing.  The epics I have set up on those three absolutely destroy everything in their path much faster than any other combination of companions.  I went through 4 of the five elemental bosses with no problems using just those 3.  I'm glad I made the switch, but I'll miss Bonnie Anne.

Maybe this is for a separate post, but are Privateers the worst type of companion to get?  No accuracy boost, don't hit as hard as they could and maybe one heal or a critical as an ability.  Otherwise, nothing great for epics, just relentless and vengeance strike, which doesn't land as often as it should due to poor accuracy. Am I missing something with them?


  1. to be honest no offence to any oe who love pirateers are sucky but if you be one your self it a bit better

  2. I have to say that you made the right choice in replacing Bonnie with Kobe. How long have you had Bonnie as first mate anyway? I am a Buccaneer and I have won so many battles with Kobe as my first mate. I've never had Bonnie as my first mate ever. Even when I recruited her at level 2.
    Here are a few reasons Bonnie should be placed in the last slot.
    1. Her accuracy sucks and she almost always misses.
    2. Her damage is the worst of all my companions.
    3. Her health just annoys me.
    4. she has like an 87% chance of not dodging attacks from enemies.

    And I am really really desperate and glad that kobe is in the duel when she steps out onto the battle board.

    You should thank yourself for choosing Kobe, because honestly, her stats just drive me mad. (I'm surprised it didn't do the same to you)