Monday, December 31, 2012

Pirate101: Gold laundering

As I have said on this blog, I'm currently working on my Witchdoctor, having already gotten my buck to lvl 50.  The WD is currently lvl 24 and I ran into a snag a few levels ago where I though I was going to have to fight ships that were significantly higher than my current ship level (my ship was 18, the ships I thought I had to fight were 23-24).  It turned out I was reading the quest wrong, but before I figured that out, I decided that I'd go back and do some sidequests that I had skipped (I have about 10 pages worth) to try and get enough gold together for the level 22 ship.

I worked on a few sidequests, got frustrated that it wasn't going faster and then logged on to my buccaneer to try and farm some gear from Friar sand (3 attempts, one witchdoctor drop.  Bummer).  On my way to the corrupted shrine, I saw some folks farming lvl 41-43 pig ships in the Subata skyway and joined in, as I was still nlvl 42 and had a nlvl 46 figurehead from the Admiral's bundle that I hadn't been able to equip yet.  I ground all the way up to nlvl 45 or so and then realized something: I'd been getting a lot of ship equipment from those ships that I couldn't use (I have the lvl 50 Royal Navy light skiff from the Admiral's bundle) . . . why don't I send them to my Witchdoctor and have her vendor them?

I went to the shared bank, dropped in somewhere between 30-35 ship items, logged onto the Witchdoctor, got the items out of the shared bank, took them to a ship parts vendor and sold them all for just over 20,000 gold.  Combine that with the 10,000 gold I had already and I was sitting pretty.

I figured I would share this tip with you folks, since there is not other good way I have found to boost an alt character.

Short version: If you have a lvl 50 character and want to fund an alt, do nautical battles to gather ship equipment and have your alt sell it to a ship vendor.  The ship parts from MooShu go for 500-900g a piece. Happy hunting!

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  1. Another tip for folks with alts in every class - create a sixth "dummy" pirate and use their personal bank as an overflow shared bank. (Their bunkhouse can be an extra funiture attic.) My banker alt's got a bank full of outgrown & dropped ship parts waiting for the others to level up & grow into them.