Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pirate101: Today's 12 Days of the Spiral Promotion . . .

 . . . is for Wizard101.  Sorry Pirate only players! (I am a Pirate only player myself, so I feel your pain).  Wizards get a free housing item.  I guess we already got ours on the 3rd day, so it evens out.

Follow up to yesterday's post, I did go ahead and buy the Thunderous Kirin mount and gave it to my Witchdoctor.  That means that I now have a mount for all 5 Pirates: Buccaneer=Falalala Llama, Witchdoctor=Thunderous Kirin, Musketeer=Lobster, Swashbuckler=Flying Manta Ray, Privateer=Crocogator.  All very fast mounts.  So much for my plan of having a mount for my main and then just one more that is shared by all my alts.  Oh well.  One less thing to transfer when I switch between them.  The shipping items alone are enough of a chore to move from toon to toon.

Even though I don't play Wizard101 anymore, I still entered this code into my account in case I ever decide to start up again . . . or need something to do during Pirate101 maintenance.

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