Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pirate101: PvP Update Live by Wednesday!

Just got the word that the latest update, which includes practice pvp, improved loot, and 1,500 other changes, will go live after a brief maintenace 3am-5am Central time on Wednesday morning.  I had a feeling this might happen this week.  KI seems to be very quick with their updates, as far as going from test realm to live.

Well, it's good news all around as I like being able to play the latest version of the game.  Once I know changes are on the horizon, I almost want to wait until they happen to do anything.  Keep up the rapid fire pace, KI!  The best part of MMO's is change and this one's a doozy!

The most recent update notes can be found here.  Doesn't look like anything has changed since I last went through it.

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