Friday, December 21, 2012

Pirate101: Level 50 . . . now what should I do?

I finished the main story line the other day on my lvl 50 Buccaneer and have been since trying to figure out exactly where to focus my efforts.  As there is no guild-type system or real end game to speak of, once you have finished all of the quests the game has to offer, it's not up to you to make your own fun.  For some, this might be endlessly farming bosses for gold, items and pets.  For others this would start their PvP career.  While I may farm a bit for some gear and housing items, and I'm sure I'll get into PvP as soon as there are rewards for it, I've remembered what I like the most about MMO's: playing with a group and leveling alts.  The playing with a group part is tough, given the hours I play (they are wee hours) and no group organization other than a friends list so it's off to level some alts!

I have decided that I'll start with my Witchdoctor (currently lvl 15) then Swashbuckler (10), Muskateer (10) and finally Privateer (10).  Once the Witchdoctor hits level 20, I'll pass off all the gear she isn't using to my Swashbuckler and alternate between the two with my main focus being the WD.  Once the WD is 50, I'll do the same with Swash and Musk.  This should keep me busy and allow me to experience the game through all 5 classes so that I can better report on all the issues that arise for each class in turn.

As to what I though of the main storyline, having now completed it:  it was good!  It ended a bit abruptly, but it wasn't a true ending and wasn't meant to be.  At this point, we can only complete the first part of the story. I don't know when the next expansion will happen, but I look forward to it!


  1. umm... how in the hell are you already level 50?

  2. My buccaneer was my first class. I created it on Oct 16, right after the game went live, so I've had plenty of time to level up. It's actually been lvl 50 for several weeks.