Friday, December 7, 2012

Pirate101: My first casualty

Farewell, Glib Edward!  I hardly knew ye!!

Tragedy struck last night to my Privateer who was deleted when I discovered, upon reaching the Frogfather and getting the Presidio quest, that I had selected the wrong parent death backstory for him.  My hope was to collect all the crew members I could through questing by leveling all 5 classes to 50 (and writing helpful guides along the way). Glib Edward was set to receive Gaspard De Vole instead of Milo Greytail, so I created a new Privateer and deleted ol Glibbie.

My new Privateer, who's name is too new for me to remember (Silver something something), though he followed the guide I wrote, had a heck of a time trying to get through the initial quest area of Skull Cave.  He got sucked into a failing combat (which I tried to save but soon discovered the reason it was failing was not luck but bad decisions made by new players.  I won't fault them, but the battle was lost whether I fault them or not).  So I had to run all the way back (thank goodness I sent him a mount to use!) and had a few more frustrating combats.  It was a bad night for new players for some reason.  I have not run into this issue before.  Very strange.

Anyway, he's now sitting pretty at level 4 and awaiting all the gear and ship equipment I have in his bank for when he starts sailing.  Good luck, Silver something something!!


  1. You're not the only one. *nods in sympathy*

    I restarted my Muskateer at that same point, for the same reason - duplicate Presidio companion. She was supposed to get Jack Russell the dog pirate but like Edward, she ended up with an extra Milo the first time around.

  2. If it helps any, the Milo companion is a fantastic companion.

    Comes with Vengeance Strike and Cheap Shot, obviously, but you will be able to teach if 2 more epics throughout your ventures.

  3. That does help, thank you! I just want to play test every single companion I can, while spending as little as possible. Crowns don't grow on trees!