Friday, December 7, 2012

Pirate101: New Update Notes Added

There have been a few additional notes added to the update that is currently still in the test realm and here they are below:


  • PvP matches will now randomly pick which team goes first.
  • Players will receive a "Waiting for other team . . ." message during PvP that will remove the powerbar when it is the other team’s turn.
  • The Chat Window will no longer appear beneath the Battleboard during PvP combat.
  • PvP icons were added to the map to help players identify where the PvP halls are located.
  • Barrier and minion summoning (Stone Bastion and Rally the Clay) were updated to function properly in PvP.
  • A fleeing PvP team member will no longer make their teammate’s powerbars available to use.
  • Traps will no longer remain after PvP combat ends.
  • The "Collect the Treasure Chests Quickly!" message will no longer appear behind the winning team’s message.


  • Gallant Defense is now working as intended.
  • Players will no longer be able to skip Mick Dagger's conversation and thereby become stuck and unable to progress with Sarah Steele’s promotion quest.
  • An item purchased from the crown shop will remain selected, instead of the selection defaulting to the first item in the crown shop list.
No major changes, just little adjustments.  Looks like they were trying to fix a few issues that inevitably pop up when this sort of thing is implemented.  Keep up the good work letting them know about the issues you find as you explore the test realm.  Ratbeard put out a request for information about how the new drop rates are working in test, so if you get the chance, kill a few bosses in Cool Ranch and report your findings on the forums here.

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