Friday, December 14, 2012

Pirate101: 12 Days of the Spiral Crew Member

Yesterday's 12 Days of the Spiral promotion was new holiday themed card packs for Wiz101, so nothing exciting for Pirate101 only players, like myself.  Today, we get a new companion in the crown shop!  It's the Yule Trogg.  Here are the details:

Announcing a New Pirate101 Companion - The Yule Trogg!

A brand new Pirate101 Companion has landed in the Pirate101 Crown Shop today, and he's ready to battle with a festive flair. This Buccaneer fights with a vengeance... and with his cozy red hat! 

The Yule Trogg is priced at 3,995 Crowns and is available for a limited time only. You can find him in the Pirate101 Crown Shop under the Companions tab. Happy battling!

As the description states, he is a buccaneer class crew member who comes with vengeance.  He's for sale for 3,995, so I went ahead and bought him for my Witchdoctor, who can use more meat shields.  I only got to use him in a few battles, but so far, he is shaping up to be a good crew man.  Weird glitch where his damage doesn't show up every 5th hit, though.  Hopefully, KI will fix that.


  1. He looks really fantastic. Still not 100% sure whether or not to get that troggy. From what I understand, he will not learn a single epic, even once he is 50.

  2. One-Eyed Jack said they were going to fix the damage glitch, so that's incoming with the next update. Until then, when he works, he's a good companion at lower levels, which is all I wanted from him. That and to be unique. I knew if I didn't get him, I'd regret it. Plus, I felt obligated since I'm trying to stay on top of news and such. I'm trying to experience as much of the game as I can so I can better speak about changes and additions.