Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pirate101: Card Packs Introduced Today!! UPDATED

UPDATED!! 1/17/13 1:02pm PST

The Tribal Crew Pack has been introduced.  May God have mercy on your crowns!!  Since this was announced after I'd already left for work, I don't have too many first hand details on what you can expect, but I will post what I know so far:

The packs cost 399 crowns
You can get the following things from them:
Training Tomes (and +3 & +5 Training Tomes!), companions, pets, gear/weapons, mounts and housing items, mostly Azteca Themed as well as treasure that can be sold for gold to vendors (reports indicate these to be worth 600-6,750g, though I don't have firmer numbers yet.  How valuable of an item you get depends upon your Pirates level, as near as I can tell).

Specifically (I will update this as new info rolls in):
Deathstalker Scorpion Pet
Spiney Serpant Pet
Scrimshaw Drake Pet (shoots fireballs)
Hunting Puma Mount
Dark Puma Mount
Golden Jaguar Mount
Jade Ankylosaur Mount
Garnet Ankylosaur Mount
Moonskull Priestess Companion
Ptero Guardsman(?) Companion
Doomhorn Berserker Companion (Buccaneer, Crit Strinke, Vengeance Strike)
Calaca Destructor Companion (Witchdoctor)
Citrine Anklyosaurus Mount

 Ptero Shaman Companion (Privateer, gets rouse & riposte)

Undead Dino Companion

 Kawil Outfit

 Doomhorn Outfit

And here's what it looks like to open a pack, courtesy of Sorceress Miklai:
@SorceressMiklai @TalkinthePlank Here's a pic if you need one. Also of the weapons I got too.

From Paige Moonshade, here are some of the housing items you can get:
Aztecosaur face paper
troggy totem
Ancient stone head
Aztecosaur head
Aztecosaur beacon
Broken sun wheel
shattered statue
priest king statue
Aztecosaur temple statue
Aztecosaur altar
Aztecosaur mural
Brass gogs
blood lord carving
Ancient carving
Mysterious carving
ritrual platform
ancient stones

Like I said before, I will post more info as I get it.  Until then, go buy a million of these and let me know what's in 'em!

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