Friday, January 11, 2013

The Podcast

Now that more of you have had a chance to listen to the latest Episode of Talkin' the Plank, I figured I'd make a post and ask for a bit of feed back from the community regarding the new segment/minpod Taking a Wizard.

First of all, I got some positive feedback on the intro, but I'm wondering if it would be too annoying to listen to every time Taking a Wizard starts.  What do you think?  Do I need something shorter, meaning it was better as a one time thing?  Or do you like it as is?

Second, and more importantly, do you think Taking a Wizard should be its own podcast?  If it's better for those of your listening to keep Pirates and Wizards in their own places, I'll happily split the two up and post them separately.  Or, if you prefer, I can leave it how it was in TTP#12 with Taking a Wizard tacked on to the end of the show.  From my perspective, it doesn't make too much of a difference time investment-wise (slightly more time to make it its own show, but not by much after the first time I do it) but it may make all the difference to you!  Some of you who are just there for Pirate101 stuff may not want the extra baggage, those who just want the Wizard101 stuff may not want to skip through all the piratey things.  Or maybe nobody is bothered by it.  Either way, let me know!

Thanks for listening!  As always, I am open to feedback from listeners.  I want these to be shows you want to hear!


  1. I was a die-hard Wizard for years, until Pirates came out & stole my heart (and play time). I really like the shorter Wizard bit at the end of the main show, and as a long-time player it's fun to hear what it's like through new-player eyes.

    If they were two separate shows, I doubt I would listen to the Wizard one as much since my main focus is Pirates now.

  2. Oh my, that is a good question. Maybe keep them seperate but on the same page, just with a link? Some may want to hear only the wizard stuff and some may just want to hear the pirate stuff, but fans of both might want to hear both and you dont want to drive everyone crazy trying to find everything. lol quite the conundrum...

    Question is, I can see a Wizard101 podcast from a new perspective, but I am not sure how exactly you will give insights or tips and tricks in the podcast.

  3. Since I am new to the game, the insights tips and tricks come from the community! If I turn it into a full podcast, I'll just expand on what I already set up: I'll say what I did in the game, answer the questions from last week, based on combined community response and pose new questions. If there is any news to report, I can do that as well. The questions I raise will be based on what I need to know as I progress, so it will be good for new players and, hopefully, fun for older players to send in their opinions and tips!