Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pirate101: Tribal Crew Pack Success!

After opening approximately 80 Tribal Crew Packs, I finally received a crew member on my Swashbuckler!!     It's a muskateer type, Lemba Moonskull.  I had gotten some additional crowns so I figured I'd give it another go.  10-11 Packs later, crew member!

All told, I'd say I opened around 80 packs to get this dino buddy, so I certainly paid my dues.  My Swashbuckler is lvl 14 and that is the level the companion started at.  I imagine that my Swashbuckler will see some attention for the next few days as I try this hard won companion out.

I don't recommend opening that many packs.  It would be nice if the droprate on crew members was increased.  That said, I'm excited to finally get to try one out and can't wait to play this evening.  Good luck to everyone else who is still trying to get one!  I know your pain, but hopefully, I'll be satisfied until the next pack is released.  Until then, all of my characters' bunkhouses will have a distinctly Aztecan look to them due to the over abundance of housing items you receive when you open that many packs.  Silver lining is that none of my Pirates are hurting for gold either, having sold off all the treasures and extraneous mounts/pets/gear/furniture.

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