Friday, January 4, 2013

Pirate101 Newsletter for Jan 2013

The newsletter for this month is out and can be viewed here.  Basically, they recap the Pirate101's victory on with over 100,000 votes cast, mention the producers letter from last month, recap the 12 Days of the Spiral and then ask if there is any voice over in the game that you don't like.  The only one I could think of was the Lost Ranger/Skeletal Cowboys.  I don't think the VO is bad, just that the pain noise they make gets obnoxious after the 10th time you hear it and when there are a bunch of them, you hear that one VO clip every 5-10 seconds.  That gets old to me.

Other than that, the only problem I have with the VO in the game is that I'm not one of the voice actors they used!  I didn't apply or anything, but it would have been nice to be asked!  If you're reading this anyone from KI, I'll do it for free!  Always thought it would be cool to do VO in a video game or cartoon.  Even more so if it's a game a play all the time.

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