Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wizard101: Last day to tell me what to do!

I spent a good portion of the server maintenance last night working on the intro to the new segment I'm creating for the podcast which will be featured on tomorrow's episode (Ep12) of Talkin' the Plank.  I'm pretty happy with the way it's turning out and I hope you all will enjoy it too!

When I first got the idea to start a wizard and try Wizard101 again, I wasn't sure exactly how I'd handle that on the podcast.  The two options I came up with will look like this:

1. The new segment will be tacked on to each episode of Talkin' the Plank.  After the outro music finishes, the new segment will begin.  I'll put a time stand in the notes for anyone who wants to hear the Wizard101 section but doesn't care for Pirate101 talk.

2. I spin it off into it's own weekly/biweekly (semi-weekly!?!?!) podcast with full intro/outro, it's own segments, news, etc. . .

The upside to the first is that it is a bit easier to edit.  The downside is that people who don't want to hear about Pirates have to skip to the end.  The folks who don't want to hear about Wizards will have an extra 15-20min of wasted podcast download. The upside to the second is that it will find it's own audience: anyone who downloads it isn't just listening to a piece and throwing the rest away, figuratively.  The downside is that I don't know how it will sound for a stand-alone podcast that features only me (Brandon has never played Wizard and, to the best of my knowledge, isn't planning on starting, given his limited playtime as it is.  Also, I don't know of anyone else who plays Wiz101 in my office) and I don't know what that will sound like.  Also, it will take me extra posting time.

Now, the upside to both scenarios is that I grow my audience by becoming less (more?) niche and get my voice out to more ear buds.

I think I'll leave it up to you.  Listen to the new episode of Talkin' the Plank when it posts tomorrow and let me know if you'd like the new segment to stay, conveniently where it is or if it should become it's own show.

In the mean time, today is the last chance to cast your vote for what school of Wizard I create tonight.  I won't spoil it, but I will say that I was surprised to see that Life didn't get a single vote!  Looking forward to meeting the Wizard I'll be spending the next several months with!

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  1. I think you should go for fire school, I have life, ice, death fire and storm, so I know what I'm saying. Storm does have power but downside is health (its really really low). For a new start up, I really think that fire is the best for you because (somehow) its the most balanced school between attack/health/resist. So I vote for fire but first i vote for you to have FUN!!!